Hi everyone,

For my first article, I’m going to show you how you can connect to your server for the first time thanks to Putty ssh.

When you chose your server, your operating system, you have to wait about 45 to 60 minutes for the installation.

At the end of the install, you will receive an email in which you will find informztion for your connection.

mail recu Ă  la souscription d'un mail

BEWARE : Keep your email! Information inside the email are very important. These informations will be used each time you will request a reinstallation.

Then, you have to download the software that will allow you to connect to your server: Putty ssh. You can download the software at this link or with direct download.

When you downloaded it, you don’t need to install! Just double clikc on the little executable. Personnaly, mine is on the desktop. 😀

So, you have this little window opened:
Désolé pour les pùtés noirs! :D

From now you have two solutions!

Solution 1:

Your server is already linked to a domain name, just enter your domain name in the path : “Host Name (or IP address)” and click Open button.

Solution 2:

If you not linked you server to a domain name yey, just enter your IP address in the path : “Host Name (or IP address)” and click Open button.


Then you have this interface

In login, just enter your login and then press Enter
Now the password, select and copy the password in the email, go to putty interface and then right-click inside to paste the password. Finally press Enter.

Here you are, you’re connected.

To allow you to connect as root the next time, you can follow this tutorial : Tutorial

See you next time for another tutorial. If you have questions, just comment.