With the IPMI access, you can boot, restart and shutdown your server. Also, you can install your server with your own ISO.

Connect to IPMI iDRAC panel

In order to access on iDRAC panel, enter the IPMI IP address in a web browser. Then, enter your IPMI credentials.

idrac login

You will find the dashboard.

dashboard idrac

Connect to virtual console

In this tutorial, we are looking for reinstall your dedicated server with the virtual console that you can find in Console/Media.

idrac console virtuelle

When you click on the launch button, the virtual console will start by a Java applet.

console virtuelle java idrac

Then, you can click on Virtual Media and Launch the virtual media.

idrac media virtuel

After adding your iso, you need to map your drive. Then reboot your server.

idrac server boot

In order to boot on virtual media, enter to the Boot Manager by F11 key.